Mackerel: Scomber scombrus

Catching Area: FAO 27, in the Northeast Atlantic.

Season: January to March and October-November each year.

Fat Content: Jan-Mar 16%-22%. Oct-Nov 21%-25%


Whole Round Mackerel

  • Sizes: 150-250g, 200-400g, 250-400g, 300-500g, 400-600g, 550g+
  • Packed in 20kg cartons

Headed and Gutted Mackerel

  • Sizes: 150g+, 200g+, 250g+
  • Packed in 18kg polybags and 20kg cartons.

Hand Gutted Mackerel

  • Sizes: ex-300-500g and ex400-600g
  • Packed in 20kg cartons. Scramble packed or handlaid.

Handcut Mackerel Fillets, suitable for smoking.

  • Sizes: 60-90g, 80-120g, 100-150g.
  • Packed in 10kg or 20kg cartons, handlaid.

Butterfly Mackerel flaps, suitable for canning.

  • Sizes: 80g+, 100g+, 150g+, 200g+.
  • Packed in 20kg polybags.